Koral Communication is a Milan based consultancy agency operating internationally. With a network and client list spanning all seven continents, with departments in; Celebrity Dressing, PR/Digital PR, Events Management, Brand Strategy and Production Services. We have heavily established contacts and partners in Europe, North America, Russia, Southeast Asia & The Middle East. As well as a long list of contacts and reach in more niche, up and coming international markets.

Our founder

After more than a decade as a freelance PR working with some of the coolest emerging brands and haute couture Koral Communication was founded and born in 2015. Collaborating with some of the best boutiques in Italy Koral Communication has secured a repotation as a dominating torce among the world of PR & Event management. “Our core philosophy centers on building on brand image and awareness related to a solid ROI and workable business strategy and we have strong history of success working within these methods.” Our agency operates internationally and specializes in digital PR, celebrity and press office.