Koral Communication is a public relations agency founded in 2015 in Milan that operates globally, especially in Europe, USA and Middle East, which has established itself as one of the most respected and innovative in the field of communication and promotion for the world of fashion, beauty, lifestyle, travel and luxury on a global level.

The company offers a wide range of modern PR services, including influencer marketing, social media management, celebrity placements, NFT and Metaverse, content creation, event management, advertising campaign planning but also traditional PR services such as press releases and media relations.

Koral Communication also offers a range of other PR and communication services to help businesses and organizations effectively communicate with their target audiences. The company also has expertise in crisis communication, helping clients navigate difficult situations and protect their reputation.

Overall, Koral Communication is a respected and trusted provider of PR and communication services in the fashion and luxury industry. With a team of experienced professionals and a range of services to choose from, the company is well-equipped to help businesses and organizations of all sizes effectively communicate with their audiences.

*We are proud to have spent the last decade forging real relationships with real professionals at the highest level of industry across the world.
We value professionalism above all.